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Welcome to Kirishimaya Ryokan

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New accommodation package for young guests!

In response to many requests from our student guests, we have created a new Young Stay Package

JPY25, 000/room (Service included, tax not included)
Can be shared by up to 6 people
Please bring your own washing goods and toiletries
The Name of the Guest House

During the Edo period, the Kirishimaya was a Japanese-style restaurant, but after the Meiji Restoration we started up a timber and souvenir business instead. In 1907 the guest house was established - Kirishimaya Ryokan. This was when the Kirishimaya Group was set up.
After the war, the second generation of the Kirishimaya Group started using the same Chinese characters as the Kirishimaya Ryokan for their name. During the present (third) generation of the Kirishimaya Group, we write the name both ways, that is, with or without Chinese characters. The Kirishimaya Group aims to pass down, research, teach and enlighten people about the natural, traditional treatments discovered through years of experience during the long history of hot spring cures at Kusatsu Hot Spring.


Our home-made miso, perfected through years of practice, is something that you can only taste in Kirishimaya Ryokan. We are also the only ryokan in Kusatsu to maintain a vegetable garden for our own use. We have cultivated our gardens ever since the era of the school evacuee, and use potatoes and other home-grown ingredients in our hotel recipes. The rice we serve is a mixture of half and semi-polished varieties, and is much healthier than regular Japanese white rice.


We constructed a Shiriyaki (literally "Bottom-burning") bath so that our customers could bathe easily in the highly medicinal Kusatsu Hot Spring bathing style. In hot springs of such a high standard as these here in Kusatsu, you bathe with your legs open (this is not permitted in ordinary hot springs). This is to allow the energy of the hot spring to directly enter and get to work inside the body, and the process is expressed by the term "nonoji" (the Japanese letter no).


We are situated in the middle of the hot spring town, in a bright south-facing spot that receives plenty of sunlight. All famous places within the town can be reached within just a couple of minutes walk. There is a wide parking lot in front of the ryokan, so there's no need to worry about bringing your car. The steep sloping road at the side of the ryokan is the "Old Shinshu Kusatsu Route", known as the Soshizozaka (Religious Founders' Route) by the locals. The spring water which gushes out within the ryokan's premises is highly regarded within the town; being odorless it really enhances the taste of the food's ingredients.

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The Director of Kirishimaya Ryokan.
A member of the UN International Federation of Alternative Medicine
Director of the Kirishimaya Ryokan Archery Dojo.
Kirishimaya Group Practitioner of Chinese medicine, 3rd generation.
Yoshiaki Nakazawa